Mysteries and Dark Dreams: Photography by Nona Limmen

Nona Limmen - dark veil
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Nona Limmen is a Dutch photographer who is always in pursuit of beauty and mystery. She composes dark portraits of “dreams, fantasies, and memories,” spinning these intangible experiences together with subtle threads of paganism, Norse mythology, and canonical literature. Ghostly queens and horned priestesses wearing flowing robes stand alone in fields and forests, looking fearless and untouchable, but remaining ever-sensitive to their environment. The blurred, grainy, and prismatic qualities of the images dissolve the edges of reality to reveal a hazy, emotional core. Limmen’s portraits are like opened doors to parallel worlds, calling to us in personal and intuitive ways.

Nona Limmen - smoke Nona Limmen - black veil with outstretched arm
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Nona Limmen - crowned figure Nona Limmen - Elisabeth Calocera Nona Limmen - woman wearing veil and crown Nona Limmen - crowned woman
Images © Nona Limmen

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