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Ancient Knowledge in the Cyber-Age Imagery of Antonella Arismendi

Antonella Arismendi - Lava Flows, woman standing in dark coat

The work of Argentine fashion photographer Antonella Arismendi is an esoteric fusion, overlaying cyber-age aesthetics (something akin to “glitch art”) with the ancient symbolism of kabbalism, occultism, and astrology. As an impassioned astrologist herself, Arismendi trusts in a cosmic universality, believing that “the spiritual movements that have occurred in different times arise from the same origin and have simply reinterpreted it.” Her camera is her way of capturing these overlapping sources of knowledge, transmuting them through her unique approach to fashion photography and thereby revealing their relevance in the modern world.

Antonella Arismendi - Lava Flows, woman lying down

Antonella Arismendi - fashion portrait with glitch art

Antonella Arismendi - Glitchy portrait

Antonella Arismendi - Collage

Antonella Arismendi - Aion

glitch art photography, portrait

Antonella Arismendi - Indigo

meditation, dark room, photography

Antonella Arismendi - Merkabah

Images © Antonella Arismendi