Tattoo Artists Recreate Egon Schiele Masterpieces

Egon Schiele tattoo
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Egon Schiele normalized nudity, and it landed him in jail. Along with his mentor, Gustav Klimt, he was accused of peddling smut. He did enjoy drawing strong women who spread their legs with confidence, never shame. But he also loved casual nakedness, sketching people as they relaxed or dried their hair.

His figures were neither virgins nor whores, they were regular humans with animal bodies. Sexuality was complex, and taboos were uptight. For this point of view, Schiele was called a degenerate and a pervert. And when he ultimately showed some paintings to kids, he was arrested for soliciting a minor.

Tattoo reproductions of Schiele are everywhere. Maybe people see skin as the perfect place to protest sexual censors. Or, it could be that tattooers just know another misunderstood artist when they see one.

Above: An adaptation of “Standing Male Nude With Red Loincloth” by Federica Stefanello.
Egon Schiele tattoo by Errance
One of Schiele’s many nude sketches is handpoked by Errance.
Eheon Egon Schiele tattoo
Korean tattooer Eheon matches “Mutter und Tochter,” line for line.
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Tatoo book
Tattoos by Georgie Egon Schiele
Georgie Harrison invites one nude man to embody another.
egon Schiele self portrait tattoo by Rit Kit
“Self-Portrait with Peacock Waistcoat, Standing” comes to life, by Rit Kit.
Errance tattoos Egon Schiele
Errance modifies a classic coquettish motif.
Zheremo St Sebastian Egon Schiele tattoo
Remova Zhenya opts for bold placement of “Self Portrait As St. Sebastian.”
schiele tattoo (body) by mishka mal
One of Schiele’s reclining nude sketches finds a new home, by Mishka Mal.
Rit Kit Tattoo Egon Schiele self portrait
Rit Kit adapts Schiele’s “Self Portrait With Hands On Chest” in full color.
Federica Stefanello Egon Schiele tattoo
“Mutter und Tochter” stretches chest to knee, by Federica Stefanello.
Images © respective artists
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