Gustav Klimt Inspires Tattoo Artists

Gustav Klimt Kiss tattoo by Alice Kendall
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Gustav Klimt made porn. That’s what his critics said, at least. Celebrated now for his work in the Art Nouveau and Symbolism movements, Klimt had a way of making people uncomfortable. His figures drift through life in a trance. Nude women feel ecstasy without apology. He even shows death as an intimate, some say erotic, process between man and nature.

Klimt confronted society’s prudish restrictions on our behavior and morality. Tattoo artists can relate. 100 years later, contemporary tattooers are adapting his work for skin, paying homage to a kindred spirit from another lifetime.

Top: Portland tattoo artist Alice Kendall recreates “The Kiss.”
Gustav Klimt Three Ages of Woman tattoo by Guido Perrotta
Guido Perrotta adapts “Three Ages of a Woman,” showing mother and child.
Gustav Klimt Nuda Veritas tattoo by Carolyn LeBourgeois
A dark figure inspired by “Nuda Veritas,” by Carolyn LeBourgeois.
Gustav Klimt's Water Serpents tattoo by Alexey Buzunov
Single needle tattoo machines offer incredible to Alexey Buzunov’s “Water Serpents I.”
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Gustav Klimt Kiss tattoo by Peter Aurisch
Cubist painter and tattooer Peter Aurisch puts his own spin on “The Kiss.”
Gustav Klimt Judith tattoo sleeve by Thea Duskin
New York artist Thea Duskin adapts “Judith II” into a full sleeve tattoo.
Gustav Klimt's Fish Blood tattoo by Marco Rossetti
“Fish Blood” curves around the leg of Marco Rossetti’s client.
Gustav Klimt Danae tattoo by Lea Nahon
Illustrator Léa Nahon adapts “Danaë” with her signature style.
Gustav Klimt's Water Serpents tattoo by Amanda Wachob
“Water Serpents” I and II unite in Amanda Wachob’s backpiece.
Gustav Klimt Kiss tattoo by Sol
Korean tattooer Sol blends Asiatic patterns with Klimt’s “The Kiss.”
Gustav Klimt Three Ages of Woman tattoo by MircoIsdead
Mirco IsDead modifies “Three Ages of a Woman” as a large backpiece.
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