Maria Svarbova - Swimming Trinity, stacked bodies

Bodies of Symmetry and Illusion: Photography by Maria Svarbova

Maria Svarbova - In Swimming Pool, reversed reflection of swimmers

Maria Svarbova is a Slovakian photographer who takes surreal photographs of people in Socialist-era public spaces. With her signature minimalist style, she focuses on color, composition, and atmosphere to harmonize the body with the surrounding architecture. The models resemble mannequins, often lined up, stacked, or turned away from the camera, creating a pervasive sense of detachment and stillness. Svarbova’s more recent work features people in swimming pools, using the grid-like windows and water’s reflective surface to make a utilitarian, sterile space shine with mystery and beauty. View more of Svarbova’s work on her Behance portfolio.

Maria Svarbova - No Diving, three people on waterslide

Maria Svarbova - Swimming Trinity, stacked bodies

piling up swimmers, photography

Maria Svarbova - The Tribune, towel on head

Maria Svarbova - The Tribune, on bleachers

Maria Svarbova - The Tribune, sitting in middle of bleachers

Maria Svarbova - Human Space, model with red chairs

Maria Svarbova - Human Space, man floating in hallway

Maria Svarbova - Swimming Pool, sitting alone

Images © Maria Svarbova