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Fleshlettes: Cutely Grotesque Sculptures by Jonathan Payne

Jonathan Payne - Tonya

We’ve featured the work of Jonathan Payne before in a list of 10 freaky anatomical sculptures, but his endearingly gross “Fleshlettes” deserve a spotlight of their own. Based in LA, Payne is a creature and character designer who sculpts everything from whimsical wizards to nightmarish monsters. In more recent years, he began to create Fleshlettes, which are grotesque fleshy hybrids made of polymer clay and human hair. The Fleshlettes resemble lumps of mashed-up human body parts, usually consisting of extremities that have some kind of digestive or reproductive function, e.g. tongues, teeth, and genitals. Payne counterbalances the ugliness of these flesh creatures by giving them cute names and background stories; Sasha, for example, “was always popular with the cool kids in highschool,” but remained a kind and humble soul. View Payne’s Facebook page to keep up with his funny-disgusting creations.

Jonathan Payne - Cassandra the Fleshette

Jonathan Payne - Sasha

Jonathan Payne - Jacqueline the Fleshlette

Jonathan Payne - Vera the Fleshlette

Jonathan Payne - Venus the Fleshlette

Jonathan Payne - Priscilla's mouth

Jonathan Payne - Tina

Jonathan Payne - Toni

Jonathan Payne - Portia

Images © Jonathan Payne

Via Between Mirrors