Tattoos Fuse Fine Art with Polygons by Renan Batista

woman with cat, Full back tattoo by Renan Batista

Renan Batista produces colorful tattooed portraits of animals and people. Working in a neo-traditional style, the Berlin-based creative is influenced by fine art painting techniques as well as polygonal shapes. His images are shaded to appear three-dimensional—Batista cites Paulo Frade as a teacher—and are also fractured by small, thinly-outlined flattened forms. Together, these approaches are a fresh way to depict tattoos subjects we’ve seen before.

geometric roses tattoos bird tattoo, pastel colors bird tattoos on thighs
portrait of woman, tattoo tiger tattoo on leg bird tattoo on arm blue purple portrait tattoo of woman racoon tattoo on rib area
Images © Renan Batista
Sara Barnes

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