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Filip Fabian’s Watercolor Tattooing in San Francisco

Slovakian-born Filip Fabian got into tattooing at the age of 16 because of his cousin, who had a tattoo studio. Eager to get started, he bought a $20 coil machine and tried inking a rose on himself, but the device broke down. With practice, better tools, apprenticeships, and many guest spots, he became a professional […]

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Interview with Watercolor Tattooer Jay Freestyle

We are living in such a demanding and competitive world, that it is always remarkable when you meet someone who goes against the current to pursuing a career in the arts, and actually succeeds. Meet Jay Freestyle, born and raised in South Africa and growing up in a conservative Chinese family during hard times in […]

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Interview with Watercolor Tattooer Dener Silva

A native of Rio Claro, Brazil, self-taught artist DĂȘner Silva has been rocking both the pencil and tablet pen as a freelance illustrator for local clothing companies and music bands such as Fresno. Silva’s personal styling—his numerous tattoos and body piercings—has often confused passers-by into thinking he was already a tattooer. But he only began exploring this art medium […]

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Klaim’s Stencil and Watercolor Tattoos from 2014

Having featured Klaim’s tattoo art last year, his new work is a continuation of his painterly aesthetic which is greatly desired by many people. He has his style locked in, from watercolor flowers to bold black shapes combined with elaborate line art. It looks like there is a mix of past-era objects with futuristic graphics […]

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Watercolor Tattoos by Gene Coffey

From birds caught in mid-flight to elaborate NYC-inspired cityscapes, Gene Coffey tattoos those images in a fluid painterly-style best known as “Watercolor Tattoos.” Paint splatters and drips are constants in his work, and there are street art hints here and there like images resembling spray-painted stencils. The urban vibe may be connected to the artist’s […]

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New Watercolor Tattooers of 2014

Consider the time that goes into crafting a beautiful painting on canvas. Then consider doing it all over again, this time with an electric rotary on the elastic and unpredictable surface that is the human body. No mistakes allowed. Watercolor tattoos were trendy back in ‘12, with pioneers like Ondrash, Klaim and Wachob. Their body art experiments inspired others to explore, giving way to modern masters […]

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Stencil and Watercolor Tattoos by Klaim

Klaim’s tattoo style has naturally evolved from his experience as a designer and also exploring mediums like drawing, digital art and graffiti. His tattoos look fluid on the body, resembling watercolor art, spray-painted stencils and ink. The artist has done some collaborative designs, such as the image shown above, created with tattooer Niko Inko. Photos […]

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Interview with Abii about Porcelain Paintings to Tattoos

While Abii earned a degree in scenography from Sangmyung University in 2011 due to her love of reading plays and visualizing theatrical sets, her student hobby was porcelain painting, which influenced her career choice (resulting in six years as a professional porcelain artist). Her interest in tattoos sprang from a desire to see her works […]

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Shane Tan, a Tattoo Artist, Talks About His Incredible Bodysuits

Shane Tan was born in Singapore in 1984 and has had a passion for tattooing since he was a child. His immediate family members had tattoos, and they were acquainted with first- and second-generation tattoo artists. Tan’s father bought him a coil machine for his sixteenth birthday, which he taught himself how to operate. Spending […]