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Between the Lines: 10 Tattoo Artists Working in Negative Space

The term “negative space” is one of the first things you learn in art class, but it’s an innate concept. You’ve already seen it—you just needed a name for it. Oftentimes, negative space goes unnoticed. If it’s not adding anything meaningful to an image, then it might as well be invisible. But when this area […]


Illustrating with Negative Space

It is interesting how Dan Burgess uses both positive and negative space to give an illusionary and double visual effect in his illustrations. See also: “A Secret World,” and “Negative Space Illusion.”

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Old-School Charm at the Santa Rosa Tattoo Studio

After seeing the efficiently managed, 28th Santa Rosa Tattoo & Blues, the longest running tattoo convention in California, Scene360 was curious to meet up with co-organizer Daat Kraus who also owns and runs a studio by similar name, “Santa Rosa Tattoo” (originally established in 1978 by Bert Rodriguez). The shop is situated in a renovated […]

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Dramatic Yet Minimal Tattoo Designs

What if a circle could make your jaw drop? What if a line could turn your head, or even turn you on? Minimalists, of course, love the less-is-more look. But when it comes to tattooing, bold placement proves that simple doesn’t have to mean boring. It’s not a new idea. Minimal shapes, lines and dotwork […]

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The Transformative Power of Interlocking Tattoos

Tattoos that reframe our perspectives on our bodies, and others’ bodies, are powerful pieces of art walking around in the world. That’s why interlocking tattoos, designs that connect separate limbs and people, are more than just the sum of their parts. Spreading tattoo designs across the body is not a new idea. Large-scale tattoo themes […]

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Breaking the Taboo: 10 Daring Tattoo Artists From South Korea

In the past several years, South Korea has becoming a powerhouse for great tattoo artists. But technically, their practice is considered illegal in the eyes of the South Korean government. Why is this? The reasoning makes sense, but doesn’t reflect the current state of tattooing. Basically, tattoos are seen as a “medical procedure” that should be performed […]

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10 Tattooers to Look Out For in 2017

Every year, the tattoo talent pool grows infinitely more diverse. Every art style that has ever existed can be transferred to skin, and clients are more engaged than ever. It’s all about the niche, now. Instead of “what’s in?”, people are asking, “who am I?” Identity-driven tattoos are transcending the fad of the moment. It’s a heartening evolution […]

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10 Tattooers from Eastern Europe to Keep Your Eye On

With the soaring popularity of tattoos coupled with increased globalism, the world gets seemingly smaller and smaller—tattooists from across the world are easily inspired by cultures in foreign lands. Likewise, these artists also travel to tattoo shops in different countries and bring their unique style there. Illusion magazine has been an admirer of the work that comes […]

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10 Best Illustrators of 2016

The field of illustration once had a period of time called “The Golden Age.” This 40-year stretch began in the 1880’s and continued into the 1920’s, coming to fruition because of advances in image reproduction technology. Once the public got a taste of graphic art, there became an insatiable demand for it. American illustrator Howard Pyle was […]

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Black-Ink Portraits Accented with a Hint of Red by Denis Marakhin

St. Petersburg-based artist Denis Marakhin uses red ink as a striking accent color to his bold tattoos and drawings. The stylized pieces are reminiscent of graphic novels that utilize shape-driven shading, some parts flattened and opaque, and other parts with defined forms. Like a comic book, Marakhin also incorporates text into the works, carving out […]