Art Erotic Mirrors Nude Photography

Mirrors and Eroticism: The Photography of Alva Bernadine

Note: Contains nudity. Although he never set out to be an erotic art photographer, Alva Bernadine is currently well-known for his provocative and sublime imagery within this genre. His latest series shows snapshots of nude women (posing and touching themselves to reach orgasmic ecstasy) reflected in round mirrors. And because the mirrors were so small, […]

Art Body Art Illusion Photography Special Feature

Breathtaking Illusions and Mirrors by Visual Artists

When used ineffectively, mirrors and illusions in any kind of art can seem like cheap tricks. But when used appropriately, it can feel like a dream. The artists selected here are all exciting image-makers at the top of their fields who understand the power that illusions and mirrors can lend their craft. It is a diverse […]

Art Landscape Mirrors Photography

Mirroring the Earth

Cody William Smith is an American photographer and cinematographer. His series “A Moment’s Reflection” plays with perspective and reflection in interesting ways: by positioning a series of circular mirrors in striking landscape settings, ranging from the seas to the deserts and the mountains. It’s a simple concept, executed beautifully. Images © Cody William Smith Via […]

Anamorphic Illusion Metal Sculpture

What Do You See on the Cylindrical Mirror?

Last year, I had featured the incredible mirror sculptures of Jonty Hurwitz. His art pieces have been a big success on the web—published in a 100 blogs and receiving over 5 million views. The artist has continued to work on new projects from 3-D prints to wax and resin art, however, what stands out is […]

Art Mirrors Photography Sculpture

A Mirror Sculpture in the Landscapes

Photographer David Ryle, art director Gem Fletcher and prop builder Studio Boo have collaborated together to create “C.A.R.L.,” a striking series of photo-artworks. In them a futuristic sculpture, looking like a Japanese robot from the year 3013, is starkly shot in a set of minimalist landscape settings. The result is a thought provoking and visually stunning exploration […]

Art Hyperreal Painting

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Hilary Doyle’s artwork titled “Corner with Book” (shown above) has a type of illusional quality to it. Almost like we’re looking into a mirror, and not a painting. And although her brushstrokes are purposely visible, it is interesting to see this style of hyperrealism in comparison to the super-photographic kind like Pedro Campo’s and Mike […]

Art Landscape Mirrors

Spectacular Mirrored Trees

I recently spoke with Oliver Delgado to find out if these were genuine photographs or digital montages. He commented that “all images are real. I only adjusted levels in Lightroom.”

Art City Mirrors Photography

Mirrored Reflections

Based on a series of posts titled “Top 10 Natural Landscape Reflections” and “Breathtaking Cityscapes Reflections,” I am featuring five additional images of cities and/or villages in Solvenia, Germany, Holland, and Singapore.

Anamorphic Art Illusion Metal Sculpture

Extraordinary Mirror Illusions by Jonty Hurwitz

With an engineering degree under his belt, Jonty Hurwitz has learnt how to combine his two passions: science and art. Each one of his mirror anamorphoses “is a study on the physics of how we perceive space, and is the stroke of over 1 billion calculations and algorithms.” [1] Hurwitz makes an abstract object and projects […]

3D Animals Art Environmental Mirrors Sculpture

The Big Mirrored Bear

I previously featured Anna Garforth’s art creations “Bite Me Typography” and “Rethink, Reuse, Recreate.” Her latest work titled “Wandering Territory” includes a 3D cardboard bear, which illustrates animal migration and the evolving urban landscapes that spoil natural habitat. Although her sculpture is not reflecting images from the room it is placed in, it still has […]

Art Black & White Landscape Photography

Mirrored City

Photographer Martin Stavars is fascinated with deserted landscapes.

Architecture Design Environmental Mirrors Transparency

The Mirror House duplicates the Surrounding Environment

It almost looks like part of the building is invisible. This architectural project was designed by studio MLRP—they “transformed an existing graffiti-plagued playground structure to an inviting and reflective pavilion as part of the new ‘Interactive Playground Project’ in Copenhagen.” [1] MLRP used fun house mirrors to create an interactive space for passing spectators, which […]