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Dianne Mansfield’s Eye of the Beholder

The master photographer Dianne Mansfield’s “Eye of the Beholder” has been released in hardback format by Raking Light Projects. Mansfield has documented the tattoo community for over four decades in a raw and compelling manner, capturing the reality of a tattooer’s life and work. From photos of Pacific Islanders to images taken at major conventions, it is clear […]

Clouded Eyes and Dark Horizons: Photography by Karina Boissonnier

Karina Boissonnier is a Finland-based photographer who is using the camera to create her imagined world. In a beautiful series of portraits titled “An Introduction: Anna,” which are part of a larger project that she has worked hard on, Boissonnier has captured the subject (Wei Wang) in a dark natural landscape filled with creeping branches […]

Mind-Melting And Eye-Popping Artwork by James Jean

James Jean is a renowned Taiwanese-American artist who has produced work for big-name clients such as DC Comics, Prada, and ESPN. In 2008, he retired from illustration to focus on painting. His style is chaotic, flowing, psychedelic, and eclectic, bearing artistic influences from “Chinese scroll paintings, Japanese woodblock prints, and Renaissance portraiture.” Despite this range […]

10 Tattooers from Eastern Europe to Keep Your Eye On

With the soaring popularity of tattoos coupled with increased globalism, the world gets seemingly smaller and smaller—tattooists from across the world are easily inspired by cultures in foreign lands. Likewise, these artists also travel to tattoo shops in different countries and bring their unique style there. Illusion magazine has been an admirer of the work that comes […]

Eyes Wide Open: The Detailed Pencil Drawings of Flavio Apel

His greatest passion, drawing, started as a hobby. Flavio Apel, born in Italy and also half German, is currently one of the artists permanently displayed at the Gallery Rasch in the palace and park-filled city of Kassel in Germany. His hyperrealistic eye drawings have captured the attention of offline and online viewers, as they are […]

Plunge into the Hypnotizing Sea of Lines by Mario De Meyer

Probably not the best graphics to look at if you suffer from motion sickness (like me). But they are totally cool if you can handle the swishes and swooshes of lines forming ocean-like waves. These psychedelic-colored strings pull us in like we are traveling through fiber optic cables around the vast Internet. It is a […]

Soulful-Eyed Girls that Melt Rainbows by Camilla d’Errico

Pop surrealist painter Camilla d’Errico melts rainbows with characters that have oversized, soulful eyes. They stare at the viewer with an overwhelming intensity, simultaneously communicating innocence with feelings of sadness, wonder, and boredom. In addition to her candy-colored characters, animals are another focal point of her paintings. They often act as an elaborate headpiece or […]

Fish-Eyed Omens: Surreal Paintings by Hannah Faith Yata

Note: Contains nudity and sexual references. The world of Hannah Faith Yata is a psychedelic, symbolic feast. Interested in themes of feminism, environmental degradation, and morality, she produces large oil paintings of hybrid creatures in distorted worlds. Fish and fish-headed women—effectively, reverse mermaids—are recurring motifs, blurring mythology with a pained surrealism; their staring, lidless eyes […]