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Andrey Lukovnikov’s Double Exposure Tattoos Inspired by the Digital Era

One thing that Andrey Lukovnikov’s colorful tattoos might remind you of are clipping masks from Adobe Photoshop. The combination of bold, busy imagery with a crisp edge mimics digital imagery—as if these bugs, birds, and feathers are concealing a larger part of an overall picture. And if you watch some of Lukonikov’s videos, it’s clear […]

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Surreal and Mesmerizing Double Exposure Tattoos

Abstract and surreal photographers can develop their dreamscapes using double exposure. By blending several images in a single frame, they’re free to abandon the laws of nature. Any scene is possible. In the expanding global tattoo community, everyone is taking more risk. Recent experiments with double exposure show a new level of photorealistic tattooing. Top: Vertigo portrait tattoo by Thomas Carli Jarlier. “Spirit of the Sea” by Charly Huurman. […]

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Tim Tadder’s Sun-Filled Double Exposure Photos

You may remember the funny and explosive “Water Wigs” series that went viral in 2012. It was shot by American photographer Tim Tadder who is an expert in advertising campaigns and has finished a new one inspired by the double-exposure technique used in True Detective’s title sequence and elsewhere. We see portraits of Major League […]

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Man vs Nature: Double Exposure Photography

Turkish fashion photographer Erkin Demir has created these inspiring double exposure images. Shooting in black and white he blends seamlessly human models with visions of the natural world, from a flock of birds flying out of one of their heads, to trees and forests in shimmering beauty. Images © Erkin Demir Via My Modern Met

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The Beauty of Double Exposure Photography

Jack Yong is a young talented photographer from Malaysia. His series “Morphosis” showcases double exposure photography at its most subtle and beautiful. By contrasting images of nature (pine forests and flowers) against the silhouettes of the human form, the barrier between the two is knocked down. There are no boundaries in these images, everything flows […]

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Double Exposure Photography

These gorgeous black and white images are the work of Bulgarian photographer Aneta Ivanova who specialises in the double exposure technique. Taken from her “Scars” and “Germany” projects they are monuments to surrealism, and beautifully combine the human body with nature and architecture. This is something special. Artwork © Aneta Ivanora Via Behance

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Bobey’s Double Exposures

Young photographer Nathan Bobey loves being outdoors, and it shows because most of his pictures are taken in the woods and in urban locations. His snapshots have a dreamy quality as if he were visualizing memories. And although his compositions are artistic, Bobey is still able to maintain a natural and cozy feel that resembles […]

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From Films to Books: Double-Exposure Illustrations by Levente SzabĂł

In the last couple of years we have seen the rise of double-exposure effects used in photography in addition to tattoo art, poster design, title sequences for TV series… the list goes on. Even BAFTA is in on this; they commissioned Hungarian illustrator Levente SzabĂł to create five cover artworks depicting the nominees in “Best […]

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Tokyo-based Artist Miki Takahashi Launches New Double-Exposure Pics

Three years have past since Miki Takahashi published her popular multiple exposure series “Look,” “Inside” and “In Urban Sense,” which were featured on Illusion and other publications. Recently launching new photos—her first series Utakata displays various greeneries and rain drops overlaying and intertwining with a female face (which looks to be the face of the […]

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Double-Exposure Animals by Andreas Lie

Andreas Lie is a Norwegian visual artist who draws on the impressive range of flora and fauna of his homeland to create some pretty cool double-exposure prints. Images of wild wolves, brown bears and migrating reindeer are shown in the context of their environments: coniferous forests and snow-capped mountains. Lie’s work has a strong 70s […]