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10 Morbid Sculptures Brimming with Death and Body Horror

Note: Contains violent content. Melting flesh, living corpses, and mutating organs: there are few things as unsettling as wildly degenerating bodies. In the wake of twisted films that characterized the science fiction and horror of the late 1970s and 80s—Ridley Scott’s “Alien” and John Carpenter’s “The Thing,” for example—the journal “Screen” coined the term “body […]

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Graphic Body Horror Portraits

French photographer Marwane Pallas has a killer eye for graphic compositions and his full-on portraits shy away from nothing. This fearless approach manifests itself in various visual scenarios, for example covering young models head-to-toe in flies or with knife wounds in their sides. Images © Marwane Pallas Via 500px

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Hyperrealist Body Horror

Note: Contains images that may be considered graphic and disturbing to some readers. If you can manage to stare at these paintings by artist Fábio MagalhĂŁes long enough not to feel a bit queasy, then you will be able to appreciate the immense skill and detail that these works possess. And while the body horror content […]

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10 Great Erotic Horror Movies (Part 2)

Horror movies have long been associated with chills, but there is another primal force at the genre’s heart: sex. As censorship concerns abated in the 1960s, filmmakers were able to confront and explore striking sexual themes in their horror movies, without worrying too much about it. Fear of death is one of the two pillars […]

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10 Extraordinary Banned Horror Movies You Have To See

Horror movies have always sort to push the boundaries of taste and decency. Since the birth of the genre proper, in the 1930s, select titles have proven a challenge to censorship boards and morality groups, who champion clean and wholesome entertainment. Can horror movies corrupt young minds? Can horror movies turn audiences into drooling maniacs? […]

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Sensual Horrors in Tattoos by The Wolf Rosario

Love and death are familiar bedfellows in the stylish, sensual tattoos of Rosario (@thewolfrosario). Currently working out of Black Widow Tattoo in Toronto, Rosario specializes in blackwork, and over the course of his 10+ years of tattooing has gained a reputation for his original horror flash. Retro horror tropes (e.g., big knives, bloodbaths, and memories of […]

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10 Horror Movies You Must See in 2017

New year, new horrors. 2016 proved a strong showing for the world’s most popular genre, but what of 2017? From indie productions to blockbusters, the strength of horror cinema and its constant reinvention means they’ll be plenty of gems among the dross. The summer brings Universal’s attempt at breathing new life into their iconic monsters […]

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The Aesthetics of Horror: 10 Visually Striking Nightmare Movies

Horror is one of the most—if not the most—popular movie genre the medium has ever known. Iconic villains such as Freddy Krueger, Leatherface or Jason Voorhees murdering their way through a high body count of luckless victims has ensured the genre has stayed largely in the mainstream, but the history of horror cinema is full […]

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Creepy Canada: 10 Horror Films from the North

Despite its picturesque views of mountains, sun-kissed prairies, and deep woods, Canada has a reputation for being a bizarre and scary place. In 1971, Canadian literary theorist Northrop Frye argued that the main trend (or symptom) in Canadian poetry was “a terror of the soul” invoked by the vast and unfeeling landscape.[1] While critics have […]

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10 Unmissable Horror Films to Watch in 2016

New year, new horrors. Of course, I’m talking about what to expect from the raft of horror movie titles heading our way in 2016! The best place to see the latest in horror cinema is usually the specialised festivals or Video on Demand outlets. Distribution and exhibition are changing in today’s climate, but festivals such […]