Getting High on Animated GIFs!

guy gets punched in face, animated gif matthew cooper

There are thousands of animated GIFs of Japanese cartoon characters, celebrities doing silly things and cute animals. Many of these image loops are cheesy, yet they go viral on the web because they’re fun and addictive to watch. In this post I’ve included animations by various individuals who actually take this medium seriously—using it as a means for artistic expression or commercial advertising.

Top: Film animators Johnny Kelly and Matthew Cooper created 56 animated GIFs for an advertising campaign for the Elisava school. View all images.
hexagon animated gif by Paolo Čeric octopus loop by paolo ceric
Using Cinema 4D and After Effects, Paolo Ceric is internationally famous for his hypnotic 3-D forms and geometric patterns.
guy in hoody walking down stairs, animated gif by Erdal Inci light painting animated gif by erdal inci
Artist Erdal Inci uses photographic images and light painting for most of his mesmerizing work.
human abstract form, animated gif by Francoise Gamma
Francoise Gamma’s animations reminisce fractal art that was being made in the early 2000s by Joshua Davis and Amit Pitaru.
animated gif by david ope heart op art by davidope
Davidope has a few cinematic-style clips, but the majority of his GIFs display 3-D and op art.
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