The Great Omar Peacock and Friends

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The Makerie studio (Julie Wilkinson and Joyanne Horscroft) have made a number of an elegant, intricate paper sculptures.

makerie_03 makerie_04
Top: “The White Omar is a piece that explores the structure and form of patterns and shapes previously developed for an existing piece, The Great Omar, as a way of stripping back colour to highlight contours and light play across the surfaces. Currently being developed as a centre piece for a London boutique display.”
makerie_08 makerie_09
Medusa – Detailed jellyfish sculpture designed for Arjowiggins Creative Papers using their ‘Curious Collection.’ The exceptional qualities of the papers highlight and explore the nervous complexity and exquisite elegance of jellyfish.”
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Atlas – Life-size reproduction of a Whet Owl, created using papers printed with antique world atlases, provided by Carteria Tassotti Milano. The owl is finished using gold plated sheeting and black Swarowski crystals, with a base made from solid Italian oak.”
The Great Omar Peacock – Life size reproduction of a peacock inspired by the cover of ‘The Great Omar,’ a collection of Persian poems known as the most precious volume ever bound. The sculpture was produced for London paper merchants Shepherds Bookbinders using papers from their range, and is currently displayed in their Holborn store.”
makerie_01 makerie_02
Fabriano Collier – Conceptual piece of jewellery design created for Fabriano’s 2011 exhibition ‘L’Arte è un Gioiello’, held in the historical town where paper was born and featuring selected international artists. The piece is made using hand made oriental papers and gold foil detailing.”
Photos © The Makerie

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